Nyheder 2019 fra DHOS

World Brain Day 2019 is Dedicated to Migraine:

Dear IHS Affiliate Society Representative

We wanted to make sure you have received the mailshot below regarding World Brain Day 2019 which is dedicated to migraine.

Please share this with your members and encourage them to use the promotional materials in the Toolbox also available on the World Brain Day website.

 Help us spread the word to the world! Lars Edvinsson and Messoud Ashina

IHS President and President-elect

Richard Hargreaves og Jes Olesen har netop i tidsskriftet Headache fået publiceret et rigtig godt review om CGRP modulatorer i et historisk perspektiv, for mere læs her

Nyhedsbrev februar 2019
Nyheder 2019 Fellowship and Grants 2019
Nyheder IHS Research Grants 2019

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