PhD defence by Rikke Elgaard MD.
Transcriptomic Differences between the Cephalic and Extra-cephalic Pain Pathways in Rat.
Torsdag 5. december kl. 14.00 i Auditorium A

PhD defence by Sabrina Khan, MD.
MRI investigations of migraine without aura in an experimental human model, 2019
Fredag den 28. februar 2019, Glostrup

PhD defence by Nunu Lund, MD.
Cluster headache: A detailed analysis of clinical differences between the sexes, chronobiology, lifestyle and sleep, 2019
Mandag den 25. marts 2019, Rigshospitalet/Glostrup

PhD defence by Tone Bruvik Heinskou, MB
Trigeminal neuralgia – towards personalised medicine?
Mandag den 20. maj 2019, Rigshospitalet/Glostrup

PhD defence by Agneta Snoer
Cluster Headache -what lies beyond the pain phase”
Mandag den 16. september, kl. 14.00 i auditorium C på Rigshospitalet Glostrup